100% handmade felt area rugs

Felted wool RUGS


made by hand + by foot

in Northampton, Massachusetts.

A handcrafted felt rug is a piece of statement art, adding distinction to your home and enhancing the tranquility of any interior space.















materials + methods

ancient technology

Our rugs are hand-felted according to the traditional Turkish method. Padding over luxurious 1/4 inch thick wool felt is like walking barefoot over the mossy forest floor. Cool in the heat and cozy in the winter, felt has a long history as an interior essential. As the most ancient textile form, felt was literally the life fabric of Central Asia. Since the domestication of sheep in the region, wool felt has been used not only as rugs, but in nearly every aspect of living, from clothing, accessories, and furnishings, to the very walls of the Nomads’ homes.

enduring quality

Felt is durable and easy to maintain. It resists staining and odor and almost never needs to be cleaned. Because of its entirely homogeneous structure it does not fray and is highly resistant to deterioration. Unlike woven or looped rugs in which constant wear causes yarn breakage, weak spots and holes, even if the surface of a felt rug wears away over the years, the fibers below it remain intact and the fabric remains as strong and beautiful as when it was new. And felt absorbs sound better than almost any other material, making our handcrafted heirloom quality rugs the perfect addition to any serene living space.